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King Kong Company Have Nailed It (and more reviews of our long awaited debut album)

JULY 11, 2016 by KKC

It was the most anticipated album of the 2016, most of the anticipation coming from the fact we said it would be out in 2015. We even ramped up the expectation by having an album launch 7 months before it was out. But hey but who doesn’t love a good party? You probably know the story of the delay at this point, uber-producer Neil McLellan came on board for one track and ended up producing all 10 tracks. He made the tracks sound exactly like how we sound in our heads. Which was what we wanted, but the question is, was the sound in our heads any good?

If you’ve bought the album at your local record store, bought it on iTunes (here) or streamed it on Spotify (here), Deezer or Google Play then you’ve probably made up your own mind. If you haven’t heard it yet here’s what others think of the sound in our heads;

Irish Mail on Sunday

King Kong Company have nailed it. The full review isn’t online but you can have a read of it below.

King Kong Company album review from the Irish Mail on SundayThe Thin Air 

What’s instantly apparent  is that this is a full tilt record. One that starts on eleven and keeps ascending and expanding to a stratospheric level. Click for the full review.

The Irish Times 

The Waterford six-piece’s music is both an energy-inducing pick-me-up and a woozy late-night come-down– an untidy bundle of electronica, mid-’90s dance music and blissed out, stoner dub-rock. For a debut album, this is surprisingly accomplished. Read the rest of it here.

King Kong Company is a bold tour de force. You’re either with it or against it, there’s no in-between and that does seem to be purposely built into the record’s DNA. Take a gander at the rest of it.

Pulsing beats lay the groundwork for shimmering synths and score-worthy horn sections, before dropping into an organic grove at the midpoint. It’s gloriously ambitious, recalling the finest sounds of Simian Mobile Disco and The Juan MacLean. Have a read.

King Kong Company – The Album comes close to capturing the raucous energy that the group bring to their gigs and there’s even a tendency toward something a bit more experimental in the second half of the album, with the influence of their predecessors and peers seeping through. Read the rest of it.

What King Kong Company have produced is the liveliest long player and certainly one of the best albums released in this country this year. Read the rest of it.

Prepare to be thoroughly rocked. More of it here.

What took us by surprise was landing at Number 6 in the Irish Indie charts. That’s us wedged between Adele and The Arctic Monkeys.

King Jong Company in the Irish Indie charts

If you haven’t heard the album for yourself local record store, bought it on iTunes (here) or streamed it on Spotify (here), Deezer or Google Play.