King Kong Company at The Academy

“It’s not often I’m left speechless at a gig but holy shit” – Person

OCTOBER 4, 2016 by KKC

You probably heard that we played a gig last Friday night at The Academy in Dublin. We were in the enviable position that about a dozen tickets where left on sale by the time the doors opened and we knew a deadly night was on the cards.

But how deadly was it going to be?

We had the very excellent Cut Once kick of proceedings with some exceptional electronica. Fronted by the amazing Aisling Browne, the duo set the atmosphere from the get go. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

We broadcast two tracks on Facebook Live to give the folks at home a little taste of the night, and something a little more interesting to watch than Tubridy on the Late Late. You couldn’t move in The Academy without someone asking if you were “getting anything off that”, so we had to broadcast Donkey Jaw. (If you haven’t seen it you can watch the newly released Donkey Jaw video here.)

Then Spacehopper.

So how did the night go down? Well our first tweeter above who didn’t know what to expect said this;

She wasn’t the only one either;

Just 15 seconds was enough to get something off of that…

I have a feeling a bastardisation of this costume will be making an appearance at Rag Weeks up and down the country.

We all went out on the lash after the gig in the Grand Social, and woke up to a slight hangover and some of nicest messages ever.

This was sent privately to us, to which we replied “what are you on” and he said “just a half”.


And finally this…


If you want to see more of our night in The Academy, Dublin check out the album below, and thanks to Tara Thomas and Mark O’Connor for the pics and to everyone who made the atmosphere what it was. Seriously we couldn’t have done it with out you.

So what happens after you play your biggest headline gig ever? You get booked to play in a slightly bigger venue. The next biggest headline gig ever is in Cork for the Guinness Jazz Festival on October 28th. Till the next time… I hope you got something off of that!