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October Gigs: Kilkenny, Guinness Jazz Festival Cork and Sligo Live in Sligo, Co. Sligo

OCTOBER 10, 2016 by KKC

We’ve three gigs coming up in October that you cannot miss. Well it’s perfectly ok to miss them if you don’t live anywhere near Kilkenny (22nd), Cork (28th) or Sligo (29th)! Here’s the deets if you do…

Saturday October 22nd @ The Set Kilkenny. It’s our first gig in Kilkenny since we rang in 2016 just no one mention the hurling! You can get tickets here and join the Facebook event here

October 28th @ Cork Opera House for the Guinness Jazz Festival. Time to wheel out our favourite GIF ever. It’s from our gig at The Pav last December. Tickets here. Facebook event here.

October 29th Festival Club at Sligo Live (Riverside Hotel). The last time we made a trip to Sligo we ended up on a mad one. A crazy night in a small venue with lots of friendly faces. You’ve a lot to live up to Sligo! Tickets. Facebook event.

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Thanks to Tara Thomas for the pic.