Buzzers Bursary Remix Challenge

Get your votes in for the #BuzzersBursary Remix! #2

JANUARY 9, 2017 by KKC

We’ve been fairly gobsmacked by the variety of entries we’ve received for the #BuzzersBursary Remix Challenge. We don’t mean just music styles we’re getting back either, from drum n’bass, to trap, to deep house, to one that even has a little touch of Irish trad in it. We’ve had some good fun listening back to each entry and how everyone has given us a different take on our tracks Game Over and Ipop.

The entries have been coming in from people based just down the road from us in Waterford, from Malyasia, from Tel Aviv via Boston and even the outskirts of Roscommon. Although I’m fairly sure Roscommon is just outskirts 🙂

So you’re coming in late to the #BuzzersBursary and you want to quickly get up to speed: One track will get the bursary of €1,000 and the public vote counts towards the overall vote. The public vote is worth 1 vote out of 12 votes.

Listen to the first batch of entries here.

To Vote

Just comment, like or share the tracks below in order to give them a vote.

Ipop – Marty Guilfoyle & Konmak

A strings laden house-d up version of Ipop from the DJ & music producing duo.

You can also vote for it on Twitter by giving it an RT/like here.

Game Over – Missing Son Remix

Missing Son aka Paric Corry sent us this take on Game Over. You can listen to more of his tracks on Soundcloud.

You can also vote for it here on Twitter.

Ipop – Denzodeus

This is the Malaysian entry from producer Denzodeus.

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Ipop – AOD Ipop My Lollipop Remix

From much closer to home Andy O’Donoghue remixed Ipop. You can listen to some more of Andy’s remixes here.

You can also vote for Andy’s mix on Twitter.

Ipop – Konfreq Bassline Remix

Konflikting Frequencies hail from just outside London. Listen to more of their tracks on Soundcloud.

You can vote for this track on Twitter too.

Game Over – Synthwave Remix

This is entry number two from Noel Griffin as he turns his hand to Game Over.

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Ipop – Calm C Remix

This has a bodhran in it. ‘Nuff said.

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Ipop – Remedy (Durtbird Remix)

This track has been very popular on Facebook. Ipop with hip hop vocals.

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Game Over – Kenny Tynan Remix

Kenny sent us this drum n’bass version of Game Over. Listen to more of his tracks here.

You can also vote for Kenny’s track on Twitter.

Ipop – Jelly Umbrella Remix

Jelly Umbrella gave us this very different take on Ipop. They’ve also stuck up a DJ set on their Soundcloud which you can listen to here.

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Ipop & Game Over – Junkyard Dog Remix

Mean J Burrows currently resides in Tel Aviv and sent us the only mix that uses elements from both tracks. Take a listen below.

This was the only #BuzzersBursary entry that combined bits of Ipop and Game Over. But how did Mean J. Barrows get on?…

Geplaatst door King Kong Company op zondag 8 januari 2017

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Game Over – Deafector Remix

This is banging. Have a listen to it and check out plenty more of their tracks here.

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We’ll be sharing the last batch of tracks over on Facebook and Twitter later this week. We’ll also be announcing the winning track on Jan 31st, make sure to get your votes in well before then.