Ipop by King Kong Company

The Top 10 #BuzzersBursary Entries Are Here…

JANUARY 29, 2017 by KKC

We’re announcing the winner of the #BuzzersBursary on Tuesday Jan 31st and it’s remixer picks up a nice €1,000. Before we make the big announcement let’s have a quick gander at the tracks that have made the top 10 shortlist. It goes without saying we had some amazing entries and a bunch of tracks fell just shy of the top 10 when we counted up the points from our votes and from your votes too.

Which track do you think deserves the #BuzzersBursary?

Here’s the shortlist, in the order they were sent into us.

Ipop – Liz Duggans Moroderish Remix


Ipop – I Prey For a Breakbeat Remix


Ipop – Konmak X Marty Guilfoyle Remix


Game Over – Missing Son Remix (Paraic Corry)


Game Over – Synthwave Remix (Noel Griffin)


Ipop – DurtBurd Remix (Remedy) – Public Vote Winner


Game Overy – Kenny Tynan Remix


Ipop – Vsceral Remix


Game Over – Sean Mahoney Remix


Game Over – Tetris Effect Remix


Ipop – Jamie Dare Remix