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“Drugged mustard” – The International album reviews are in!

MARCH 5, 2017 by KKC

We released our debut album in the Netherlands at the very end of February and the International reviews have been coming in. With new reviews our propaganda team salivate at the prospect of being able to take some quotes from them to use in future press releases. You know the drill, to make us sound more shit hot than we actually are (or at least more ‘hot’ than ‘shit’). However as we speak no words of Dutch, not even ‘where’s the nearest coffee shop?’ we have to rely on Google Translate do it’s magic. 8/10

According to Google Translate they said: “Opener All These Things King Kong Company let there be no misunderstanding about where they have their drugged mustard from… King Kong Company has ten tracks long energy, power and energy. Of the Underworld-like opening track, until with a touch of reggae and ska injected tracks Scarity Dan and Free The Marijuana, as well as the unstoppable rollercoaster ride of Pol Pot Rock, drum ‘n bass of Donkey Jaw, and blowers colored, hallucinatory beats of price number The Crab. This set completely crazy Irishmen coming later this year, probably again to the teeth armed, for some shows back to the Netherlands, but until then there is this strong dance plate to put the party stuck with it in motion.” Read it here.

  • With the right snippet this review might appear quoted in future press releases as: “Energy, power & energy” or “Unstoppable rollercoaster ride”
  • What you won’t see in future press releases: “Drugged mustard” 4/5

The Watford-based Irish band King Kong Company has in my opinion not a neutral fan base. You are for or against their sound. Their live shows are floating here too the basis for this debut concept album.The numbers are a pulsating mixture of ska, dub and electronic music. You can almost feel the intensity in songs like the hypnotic reggae-like ‘Free The Marijuana “and the clichéd dark’ Pol Pot Rock. The single ‘Scarity Dan’ does have a modern touch that has been built around anyway handsome trumpet arrangements. And then there are the contemporary synthesizer and electronic gadgets that will act on the dance muscles. On the Carré! Source.

  • Do quote: “You can almost feel the intensity”
  • Don’t quote: “Handsome trumpet arrangements” or “Act on the dance muscles”

Opener “All These Things” sets the tone. The hugely danceable music is in line with the aforementioned The Prodigy. That huge burst of pure uplifting music, however, produced as a band here. This makes King Kong Company is also ready for a more varied sound. “Ipop” is more trippy and slightly more subdued than the opening track of the album. One imagines here, given the sounds used, sometimes back into the game world of the old Nintendo. “Then Scarity ‘home again the influences of Gorillaz, combined with the previously mentioned influences and a touch of Caribbean happiness… Lovers of all these acts and influences to come together to celebrate the ultimate feast. Because King Kong Company thereby sounds like a DJ, the ruined youth can even connect this act in arms. King Kong Company is more than party, it is an unprecedented energetic result of the sum of seven parts. Here’s more of it.

  • Do quote: “Hugely dancable” or “Unprecedented”
  • Don’t quote: “Unprecedented energetic result” 7/10

Last year he released the debut album of the Irish band King Kong Company. Seven people? Yes it sounds that it was created with computer by one person. The dance of “All These Things” and “Ipop” also fits seamlessly on the dance parties. In the end, is chosen to include also other sounds are to be added. The reggae dance “Scarity Dan” with international sounds to “Free The Marijuana”. “The Pol Pot Rock” does it again at all other angles of the music. This makes it versatile, but especially a lot and there is no thread in the album. It may fit in this time we download a lot and therefore each number separately fine songs. But when we put it back together into an album, it appears that the difference between songs is great. So good songs but as a whole it is not what a band like The Prodigy have finished playing. More.

  • Do quote: “Versatile”
  • Don’t quote:  “Versatile” (this isn’t Grindr)

You can read the Irish reviews from last year here, and you can always have a listen to our drugged mustard on Spotify.