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A quick history of Body & Soul and King Kong Company

JUNE 18, 2017 by KKC

You know we love playing Body & Soul, be it the festival itself or the B&S area of Electric Picnic, we have some amazing memories of all our gigs there. They gave us our debut Electric Picnic gig, and given us lots of support and help over the years, which is why might have heard us in interviews crediting the Body & Soul team, and Jenny especially, with helping us get to where we are today. So when we say playing Body & Soul is special to us you know we mean it. Here’s a quick history of all our gigs for them over the years.

Body & Soul Stage, Electric Picnic 2013

This is where it began for us. Our first Electric Picnic gig at 8pm on the Sunday night on the Body & Soul stage. It was our biggest festival gig to date. Months of practise was put in so we knew we were as tight as we could be. But as it was outdoors it could also bucket down and all that work might not pay off. However the sun was splitting the rocks all day. After being introduced as a band they had heard on Soundcloud, we went onto the stage just as the sun was setting. We had been really nervous about this gig, but two tracks in and everyone was ready to give it a lash! You can check out the full photo album on Facebook here.

king kong company body and soul 2013body and soul crowd for king kong company 2013

Body & Soul Festival, 2014

After we left the stage at Electric Picnic in 2013, Body & Soul said they would definitely be in touch for 2014. We had our fingers crossed that we would get asked to play the Body & Soul festival as we were all big fans. The music, the crowds and the vibe of the place meant we were all regulars to the festival. Sure enough they got in touch and we had a slot on the Sunday at lunchtime. Will people show up and be up for a party at lunchtime? Once again lucky with the weather. If you have sunshine at an Irish festival, people will be up to party at anytime! Full album from here.

king kong company at body and soul festival 2014king kong company at body and soul festival 2014

Body & Soul Stage (& Salty Dog Stage) at Electric Picnic, 2014

After being told they never book the same bands two years in a row, they asked us to come back for a second year at Electric Picnic. The 2013 gig had been our highlight of the year, so naturally we took the arm off them. However this year we would be a surprise act on the line up, which meant we couldn’t advertise it. The gig was late on the Saturday night but the surprise factor meant that we could be playing to loads of people who didn’t know us. We went onstage to massive applause. Right away we knew, that they knew, when the time was to take them. A few of the new heads from that gig showed up to our Salty Dog gig the following night and have been coming to our gigs since. Full album from the weekend is here.

king kong company electric picnic 2014

Body & Soul Festival, Midnight Circus Stage, Main Stage & Chai Wallah Stage – 2015

Yes three gigs at the one festival! We were originally booked to play two gigs in 2015,  the first was the Friday night (Midnight Circus) and then a late one on Saturday Night in the Chai Wallah tent. Friday night was a massive gig, way more people showed up than we expected. Then on Saturday morning, when we were still hungover, we were asked to fill in on the main stage that afternoon. That main stage slot from the previous year’s Body & Soul Festival was still fresh in everyone’s minds (and was probably the reason why they thought of us). Needless to say any arm we hadn’t taken off them was was then took! After playing to a packed Chai Wallah tent that night, and a very late session afterwards, Sunday was far from being a day of rest. Photo album from the weekend here.

king kong company body and soul festival 2015king kong company body and soul festival 2015

Body & Soul Festival, 2017.

So you can see why we love playing Body & Soul, they’ve always been fantastic gigs, playing for the nicest people. Roll on the weekend because who knows what we’ll be writing here afterwards!


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