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5 Years of gigs at Electric Picnic!

AUGUST 29, 2017 by KKC

You might have seen we’re playing Electric Picnic this year, or to be more precise we’re playing the Electric Area, Sunday at 3.30pm. (Yes we do know the match is on). This is our 5th year to play Electric Picnic. To go from punters at it to playing the biggest tent has us feeling excited, humbled and sh*tting it, in equal measure.

We’ve had some incredible gigs there, but do you remember your first time?

2013 – Body & Soul Stage, Sunday @8pm

When we look back at Electric Picnic and our gigs there’s we’ve been blessed. It’s bucketed down on us lots of times when we were there as punters and we knew, this outdoor gig could go the way of the weather if we weren’t lucky. Thankfully we were lucky, the sun shone, Mark W wore sexy leggings and some mad yoke even danced for the gig on the sound desk. Some more photos here.

King Kong Company Electric Picnic 2013

2014 – Body & Soul Stage (Saturday 10.30pm) & The Salty Dog Stage (Sunday night @1am)

In 2014 we played two gigs at Electric Picnic. Being gig sluts at the time we took them both on. Two things stick with us from that gig; people showing up to both gigs and the unmerciful hangover that was still with us going onto The Salty Dog Stage the next night. More photos here.

King kong company electric picnic 2014

2015 – The Salty Dog Stage, Sunday night @1am

The story goes that the Ship which is the stage itself on The Salty Dog, was intended for another part of the festival. But during transport it fell off the back of a lorry and there it remains, ship-wrecked of sorts, facilitating the session one weekend a year. When a load of wrecked heads show up for some sort of musical salvation. In 2015 we kicked back and partied the Friday night and Saturday night. We had the great intentions of taking it easy up until we hit the stage feeling refreshed and full of energy on the Sunday night. Intentions are a wonderful thing, and I bet you’re expecting me to say we did the dog on it. We didn’t but boy, have you tried walking around a festival all day until 1am without a buckie or ten. By the time we started we were there for one thing and one thing only, the session. You were more than up for it too. More photos here.

Electric Picnic king kong company 2015

2016 – Cosby Tent, Saturday night @10.30pm

We moved indoors for the first time last year and headlined the Cosby tent on the Saturday. Lucky we moved indoors as it bucketed down. Lucky in two ways; no one got wet and those seeking shelter had no choice but to listen to us. Without sounding like Robbie Keane playing for his favourite boyhood clubs, this gig was incredible. No doubt the rain contributed to the crowds, but from where we were standing all we could see were bodies of people. At the end of it all, when we try and list our Top 10 gigs ever, we’ll be surprised if this isn’t near the top. If you weren’t there, just look at this;

2017 – Electric Arena, Sunday at 3.30pm

When we were told the capacity of this tent a few of us gulped. It’s big, it’s the second stage at the Festival. Incredibly proud to be asked to play there, but the size of it. After our gig last year someone said you need a bigger tent, this tent is many times bigger than The Cosby Tent. Well it can go one of two ways, and we know which way we want!

And yes, we do know the match is also on.

We might see you there!