Live video from Electric Picnic 2017 [recorded on loads of phones]

OCTOBER 3, 2017 by KKC

We wanted to capture the madness of being at a King Kong Company gig, especially at the Electric Picnic gig. We had fingers and toes crossed we’d get a decent crowd, but there was no way we could get that madness with a couple of cameras at the front of stage. Instead we needed to be knee deep in the Commotion Lotion with you!

The only way we could do that was to ask you to record the gig and send us the video. So we asked you just that and you might have seen this in your newsfeed back in August:

King Kong Company Facebook Group


We had a brilliant response with 300+ members overnight. Those of you who joined would have seen our updates outlining the task at hand; have a deadly afternoon and video the last track for us. Although loads signed up, we knew some people would forget, or (even worse) lose their camera or (even better) lose their entire Sunday afternoon to some sort of hedonistic endeavours. But we hoped to get enough clips to edit something half decent together.

We tried to use as many of the videos sent into us. There’s a full list of credits at the end to all the people who helped us make this video. Because without them we wouldn’t have been able to make this!

All we can say after watching that video is roll on the tour!