10 Things You Might Have Missed In The Electric Picnic Live Video

OCTOBER 11, 2017 by KKC

By now you’ve probably seen the Electric Picnic video that we posted last week. It was made up of loads of live footage that you sent us from the gig, or more specifically from the last track of the set – All These Things (Spotify link). We wanted to capture the absolute madness in the crowd, and I think it’s safe to say you provided both the footage and the madness.

The reaction to the video has blown us away. It’s made us all a little excited to get back out on the road again. There’s loads of small things you shot in the video that we love, small things that you may have missed. Here’s what we found;

1. Guy in the bunny costume – 24″ seconds in (bottom left)

There’s a guy in a bunny costume up the front of the gig. Let’s remember not only is this is 40 minutes into the set, a set where everyone of the 10,000 people were dancing like crazy, but it was a very warm afternoon. Like 25 degrees warm. He’s not taking that costume off, not even the head. He’s in that 100 degree heat until the bitter end.

He also messaged us last week to say:

Electric Picnic Bunny

“The sweatiest I’ve ever been, but worth every minute”

2. The Salty Dog 10.5 Hour Challenge – 35″

We had a feeling the announcement to The Salty Dog gig would go down well, but not that well. Judging by the heads we saw at the later gig a fair few of you rose to the 10 and a half hour challenge and sessioned through. We did too.

3. Hot Press Guy – 1′ 01″

After the gig, Hot Press posted a photo of this guy just loving his Sunday at the gig. The Hot Press photo was from the start of the gig and we can clear see that photo was no fluke he was still giving it socks at the end too.

Electric Picnic Hot press Guy

4. High-Vis jacket (on Colin throughout the gig)

A year ago a high-vis jacket with the KKC logo on the back was posted to Facebook. Almost a year to the day and was thrown thrown up to us on stage at EP. Colin (our trumpeter) wore it for the rest of the gig. It’s since found a full time home with our drummer Markie who’s been wearing it while cycling. He’s been known to enjoy the odd cycle. He’s cycled from Tramore to London. That’s definitely not a sane cycle.

Electric Picnic High Vis

This was posted on Facebook in September 2016.

5. The Boxheads – the whole way through

Weren’t they just class. Lot’s of rehearsals prepping for the gig paid off. No one expected to be in front of that sized crowd, but the Boxheads were more than up for it. They were brilliant throughout but there’s a moment at 3′ 55″ in the video when you see each and everyone of them nailing the moves. It wouldn’t have been half the show it was without their help and hard work.


6. Boxhead & monkey masks in the crowd – 2′ 09″ & 2′ 32″

Someone made their own Boxhead and wore it to the gig. Grand they probably used it to smuggle cans into the festival in it, but it’s the thought that counts. We also spotted monkey masks in the crowd and judging by the couple at 2′ 04″ and the guy at 3′ 20″ you like to dress up going to gigs.

7. Spacehopper hits a phone – 3′ 08″

Sorry about that 🙁

8. Bottle of Buckfast – 3′ 46″

Even a bottle of Buckfast made it to the gig. From the moment we saw it we knew would definitely appear in the video. I’m not sure why, let’s call it a hunch.

9. The Dancing – The whole way

You were dancing like it was 3.30am in the morning and you made our jobs just a bit easier. Thank you!

10. The end of the gig – 5′ 10″

That was the biggest gig we’ve ever played, and it could be the biggest we ever play. It was the perfect end to the perfect gig. Not only had the Boxheads nailed it, but our sound, light and visual crew had done an incredible job. It was the biggest gig we have ever played and everyone on the KKC team played a blinder. At the end we even had a burst of ‘Ole, Ole, Ole’ and no doubt the Fields of Athenry weren’t far behind.

11. The credits – 5′ 56″

We literally couldn’t have made this gig without your help. Thank you to everyone who sent us in videos, we tried to use as many of them as we could. Seriously thank you, this video would have remained an idea in our heads if it wasn’t for you.

12. The last last bit.



We’ll be back on the road starting on October 19th in Amsterdam, then the 29th in Cork as we kick off the Ireland & UK tour. If you have nothing better to do, come see us.