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The Marriage Proposal at our Academy Gig

DECEMBER 18, 2017 by KKC

Have you seen the wedding proposal from our gig last Saturday at The Academy? It’s been doing the rounds online since the gig and has now made it further afield than these shores. It was an incredibly sweet & heart warming moment between two sound people in front of nearly a thousand others.

Paudge & Robyn, the happy couple, have been coming to our gigs for years. The first time I remember encountering them wasn’t at a gig but on Facebook. It was September 2016 and we had just played The Academy when Robyn posted this on a video from the gig:

They had legged it from Dublin airport to our gig only to miss the gig! We’ve met loads of people from our gigs over the years but it would be hard to forget someone who made that much effort to make one of our gigs.

Robyn never did drop us that PM. We were going to offer her free tickets to the next gig as away to make up for it. Robyn – the offer still stands if you want to come to The Olympia in October 🙂 After the gig they missed, we bumped into them in real life after a gig in Galway last year. When we announced a gig at The Academy in April earlier this year, Robyn was determined not to miss it:

So last week when Paudge contacted us to say he was going to propose at the gig we had to do what we could. A few private messages later and we had the bones of a plan. We wondered if he would go through with it, for no other reason than getting on one knee in front of that many people takes a lot of balls. Just before we went on stage we got a text from Paudge to say where he would be standing. We said we’d do it right after Scarity Dan.

Then it happened.

A few posts from the happy couple too:


I’m welling up again looking at those videos again. Congratulations to Paudge & Robyn!