6 Things About One Small Little Documentary

JUNE 20, 2018 by KKC

By now you may have you seen our seven minute documentary One Small Little Thing To Do. It follow’s the 12 hours from headlining the Midnight Circus stage at Body & Soul in Ireland to the stage at Glastonbury in the UK.

We shot it all on mobile phones last year. We were trying to bring out an edit last July, then in August (and EP happened), then September, October…. and so on until we find ourselves almost a year to the day since we shot it.

Why Body & Soul?

Besides being an incredible festival, we credit Body & Soul (and Jenny) for giving us our big break by giving us a slot at Electric Picnic in 2013 (watch out for footage from that 2013 gig at 1′ 20″). Last year’s gig was something else, everyone played a blinder, the band, the crew, the B&S production team, the crowd, everyone. It could not have gone better. Although we were heading to Glastonbury, I knew a few of us wanted to stay, soak up the atmosphere and session into the night. It wasn’t would Glastonbury match this gig, it was COULD Glastonbury match it? Also big love to Jenny for taking some time out of the busiest weekend of the year to chat to us on camera. We did have to bribe her son with a KKC shirt, it turns out he’s a big fan of Boxhead (who isn’t?).

Why Glastonbury?

Some of the lads have been going to Glastonbury since they were kids it was a bucket list moment for everyone.

Thanks to Rob O’Conner

Rob from Beat 102103 has been a huge support over the years. We’ve even done an interview with him in the nip on the radio. Turns out not only do we have a face for radio, but also a body for radio too.

Unsurprisingly We Had No Sleep…!

We each managed about 25 minutes sleep on the plane between the gigs. 3am Monday most of us called it a night (most, not all!).

The Glastonbury Tent Was Huge

They say never meet your heroes, and as we drove into Glsatonbury, with the noise of the B&S audience still ringing in our ears, we didn’t want Glastonbury to be a let down. You can see our reaction to the size of the tent (at 5′ 15″). It was a bit on the big side. Fatboy Slim headlined that tent the night before and here we were with no sleep and unknown in the UK. There’s a moment when you can hear one of our mates Kevin say “We’ll just have to run around a lot” (at 5′ 21″) to make the tent look busy. But one track into the gig and we had people dancing, we could see masks, we could see a Waterford flag and the gig really kicked off. It’s moments like that when you’d even smile at the sight of a Kilkenny flag.

Some Of The Footage Was In The Involved Video

We made a track on the road last summer called Involved. We didn’t think we’d get it finished as fast as we did, which was great. But we also had to make a video for it. The only thing we could do was to dip into some of the Body & Soul 2017 footage. So if you want to see a bit more from that day at B&S (plus various bits from last summer) check out the video below.

We may never have another weekend like Body & Soul and Glastonbury, but when we’re older and grey-er we’ll always have these seven minutes. Thanks for watching.