Electric Picnic 2018: We’re playing Friday at 8.30pm (plus what else you need to know)

AUGUST 28, 2018 by KKC

We’re playing Friday at 8.30pm in the Electric Arena.

Start as you mean to go on πŸ™‚

Last year was absolute mayhem and this year we’re expecting the same level of crazy (see the video below for just how crazy!)

Get your masks!

Loads of you always ask for this link to download KKC masks. This brings you to a Dropbox link to download one.

EP2018 Project

Last year we wanted to capture the madness of being at one of our gigs. We didn’t want to get the madness from the stage, we wanted to be right down in the middle of it with you. So we got you to record the last track and send us the footage and we made the video below! This year we’ll be doing something similar. If you want to take part you can do so by joining our Facebook group. All details and updates will be posted in there. Join it here.

That EP2017 video is below!