king kong company at body and soul festival 2014

Best Moments at a King Kong Company gig

OCTOBER 12, 2018 by KKC

The other night we asked what you thought were your best moments from a King Kong Company gig were. Here are some of the replies…

Body & Soul 2015

Laurence Nichol: “2015 I’m in Body and Soul. it’s Sunday and I’m trashed from partying Friday and Saturday. My mate Gordo tells me he is going to see a band at lunchtime and was I keen. What are they called I say and he replied King Kong Company. Stupied fucken name I thought but fuck it. We arrived just before KKC came on stage and to be honest there was not much left in me. And then you guys started….. fuck me I could not believe what I was hearing. The place went nuts. It was a super hot 3 days and the place was dry as a nuns nasty. I was suddenly realised I was dancing like it I was brand new. There was a dust storm from all the people dancing. You played about 5 songs and I knew right there that I had seen something special. That is why I booked my tickets for the Olympia last year. Yaadaa.”

The size of the crowd took us by surprise. Ah look at us as young lads!

king kong company at body and soul festival 2014king kong company at body and soul festival 2014

The Marriage Proposal (Academy, 2017)

The Thursday night before we played The Academy in December 2017, we got a private message on Facebook. it was from one of our long time fans Paudge. He wanted to propose to his partner Robyn and as they were both massive fans he asked could he do it at the gig. We were definitely up for that and between us we worked out a plan. Half way through the gig we did it, and she said yes.

Here’s what people said:

Lauren McKenna: “In The Academy last year and you guys got all of us to sit on the ground and some guy stood up and proposed to his girlfriend, the whole place went nuts! Such good craic for the next song. Everyone on a love buzz going to hug the happy couple 🙈😂 Be making more great memories on Saturday night though 😉”

Karen Elizabeth: “I would have said the proposal at the Academy but me and my friend were cheering not actually knowing what was going on. Only found out the next day!”

Thomas Levins: “…the marriage proposal in the Academy it warmed the cockles of my heart.”

And this is just gas…

Mary Belle: “Ok what about most embarrassing moment ! Myself and Suzanne Ferguson last year in academy Dublin … you gave a shout to a couple who attended a lot of gigs and asked everyone to crouch down.. in support of this special couple … well.. us two bellends being worse for wear thought it was us .. unbeknown to us it was a couple behind us ( guy proposing to a gal) We didn’t see them!!!!! Thought everyone was crouched in appreciation to us !! Waving thanking everyone .. feeling the love….💕💕💕💕💕 Big fat fecking nope !! All captured on video !!! Caught ourselves on … too late !!  So I think we deserve the t-shirts for being two knobs who love you dearly !!! 🌟🤭😎🤷‍♀️”

Well we wouldn’t want to embarrass you further, but fuck it, I think you can be clearly seen in the video below 🙂

Electric Arena & Salty Dog 2017

I’ve rolled these into one as it was a session that started at 3pm in the Electric Arena tent and ended at 4am on the Salty Dog. You said:

Derek Browne: “Electric Picnic in 2017. When you played at 3pm. Everyone complained all day at how early the gig was on. Too early we all said. I won’t be wrecked enough we all said. I’ll still be tired and hungover from Saturday we all said. Soon as you started all those thoughts went out the window and the time didn’t matter, hangovers were wiped out and everyone was full of energy from the word go.”

Dave Ward: “Bringing my wife to see you at EP 2017 telling her you sounded like The Killers completely winging it as I never heard of you before then and didn’t think she would have enjoyed it? She did so much so next Saturday will be our 4th time to see you since then 🦍”

Tim Kavenagh: “… but found the time to walk in on my own. Totally gobsmacked I knew immediately that I was experiencing one of the best EP gigs of all time, defo top ten. None of my crew believed me when I said they’d missed one of the gigs of the weekend. Fast forward EP2018 and they were all there. Loving it. 4 of us will be there on Saturday. I’m getting loads off dat!”

Hazel Burns: “…dragged some friends along who couldn’t believe what they were witnessing!! Needless to say they were all back for 2018, and some of us heading on Sat night too 👍”

Cara Foley: “EP 2017 at the Salty dog stage, especially when that girl sang Paper Planes. Unreal. The whole crowd waiting for ye to come on singing along to random backing music before it started. Unbelievable gig, the best end to a festival there ever has been 🦍🦍 can’t wait for Saturday”

Claudia O’Brien: “Accidentally finding myself alone in the front row of your 3.30pm set EP 2017. Knew nothing of the band prior but had been walking through the Gleneagle Killarney the previous Feb and heard ye soundchecking. Must check them out I said, they sound deadly. Fast forward to EP and I fully immersed myself in the mayhem. Me and my pal Anja have been groupies ever since. Close second was making you guys the Boxhead cake which was unreal craic working out how to get a full bottle of Buckfast into it without the whole thing turning to liquid 🎂 If I still had a school bag it would have “KKC” all over it 😂😂😂”

Karen Elizabth: “Ep 2017 when all the box heads came out on the space hoppers 😂😂😂”

Catriona Keogh: Convo went like this “get up we’re going to see KKC”
“Who? What genre?”
“Doesn’t fucking matter you’re about to have the time of your life”

Elaine Verdon: “When ya dropped the bomb that ye were gonna be closing the Salty Dog stage, Electric Arena went from mental to mayhem, super turbo whopper deadly buzz!!! 💪🏻😍”

The Pig (Waterford, 2014)

The one time we were upstaged by an animal. I was once asked if we staged this whole thing. If only…

Robert Meagher: “Had to be the pig at the harvest fest years ago!! An oldie but a goodie 😀😀”

We heard this ended up on Channel 4 at some stage. Fame at last. Wonder how that pig is.

Vantastival 2016

Emma McDonnell: My favorite moment was seeing and hearing you guys for the first time at the Vanhalla stage at Vantastival In bellurgan Park and thinking ‘holy mother of gawd! These are feckin DEADLY’ ! 🙌🙌

Anita Lawlor: “Best one has to be when I popped my King Kong cherry at Vantastival 2016! Since then I’ve been getting nothing off it! Can’t wait for Saturday!”

Mark Sheridan: “it was the dogs dangler’s! !!”

Waterford Spraoi 2017

A hometown gig at Spraoi Festival in the summer. I have memories of it lashin down in August for what was always the best three days in Waterford. Not this time. The sun shone and the crowds went back as far as the horizon (or Johns Street at least)!

David Collopy: “Waterford Spraoi 2016.. there must have been 100,000 people ,there or thereabouts in John Roberts sq that day, .. AMAZING. . and it only 5 o clock in the day.. Space hoppers the lot of ye. . Looking forward to Saturday night..”

100,000? Are you getting something off that?

Electric Picnic 2016

Aisling Nolan: “E.p 2016… absolute witch of a young one kept falling into me and my friends and getting all aggressive.. so we moved back a bit cuz we didn’t want it spoiling it for us… wasn’t a bit sorry when ye played spacehopper and said young one (who was on a fellas shoulders) got BUSTED with a spacehopper in the face…#sorrynotsorry 😊😂😂”

Seoirse Mc Cann: “Place went mental. Maybe my favourate EP moment ever.”


Body & Soul 2017 & Glastonbury 2017

If I’m rolling EP 2017 and the Salty Dog into one, then I can definitely roll these two into one. Yes both gigs happened in different countries, but we had 12 hours to get from one stage to the other and with very little sleep between them it counts as two gigs in one day.

Paddy O’Donnell: “Body and soul 2017. When you threw all the space hoppers into the crowd when space hopper dropped and they were bouncing around the tent for the rest of the gig. Great bit of showmanship!”

Denise Denise: “The whole Glastonbury set, unbelievable atmosphere!!!!”

Claire McGinley: “Trailing very hungover people to see u on sunday in glastonbury. Only about 30 people and by end u had drew in a crowd of a few hundred n though peoples legs were worn out they couldnt help but dance like fook. Skipped the hangover away, upa bucky”

If you haven’t seen it we caught the trip on our phones and made @One Small Little Thing to Do’


Electric Picnic 2018

Meeb Mac Manamanamanamon: “when ye announced the extra gig at Salty dog at 3. Lost my voice from screaming with excitement 🤩🤩 I ain’t getting nuttin’ off dahhhhhh!!!

Thomas Levins: “This year the entire Salty dog set”

Nevan Predeville: “The Salty Dog, 3am, September 2018. Two gorillas chase a plague doctor around a pirate ship. Lasers pierce through the fog, simultaneously blinding and reviving the crowd. The hype man is one part man, one part cassette, and in retrospect, not even a man, in the strictest sense. The cassette bit stands, though. Someone with a Northern accent asks me the time. I’m too far gone. I want to tell them the concept of time is just a fudge for our inability to comprehend the universe. A giant inflatable ball hits me in the head, knocking off my glasses. I manage a thumbs-up. There are 4 cold cans in my pockets and two boxes of gammy festival fags. Life is good.”

The Olympia

A bit of forward thinking here as this gig hasn’t happened yet.

Tanya Nugent: I’m predicting the future and my favorite moment will be when you walk out on stage in the Olympia on Saturday night for the most epic gig ever 

Let’s chat after the weekend!