A Return To Belfast Oct ’21

SEPTEMBER 9, 2021 by KKC

Our first gig back sold out in a flash so we’re returning to Belfast on Friday October 22nd at the Limelight. Tickets from here.

In case you’ve forgottem who we are, we’re a band from Waterford, six blokes and a Boxhead, a singer and sometimes more. In 2011 we started putting out one video a month, first gig in 2012 and played Indiependence on the back of a truck at 2am to well let’s just saw there was almost the same amount of people on stage as in the audience.

Soon after Body & Soul heard a track and booked us for an early Sunday evening at Electric Picnic where they got lucky and played to, maybe, thousands. Thinking we’d now made it, we tried to get a Dublin gig and, a well known, but won’t be named, Dublin venue turned us down saying we’d be lucky to get 100 people to it. But the Sugar Club offered us a gig, and it sold out. Then the Button Factory sold out (lots of times), The Academy (just as many lots of times) and then The Olympia, just the once (we’re not The Script).

We’ve also stuck 13,000 people in a tent at Electric Picnic for Sunday Mass, had thousands of hedonists lay siege to the Body & Soul arena for their stuffed to the gills lock in that closed the legendary stage. And in between there’s been tracks, an album produced by The Prodigy’s producer Neil McLellan, a Buckfast beer, Glastonbury, a robot, All Together Now, late nights, parties, early mornings, ferries, Prague, London, Newcastle, the Cork Opera House, the proposal, broken down vans, Spraoi, a Best Band in Ireland award and stuff that should never end up in print or online.

Then some sort of pandemic happened, no gigs for twenty months and we all really need to get in a room together, and dance.